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The Vidar Foundation is a registered Canadian charity which connects individuals wishing to use their money in positive ways with borrowers needing money to grow socially responsible enterprise.  We facilitate investment in sustainable agriculture, education, health, cooperatives, and other areas. Vidar Foundation is administered by a board of directors inspired by the socioeconomic ideas of Rudolf Steiner.




We focus on working together as a community, investing in what is of human value to make a balanced financial profit, social benefit, and healthy cultural life.

We promote success and manage risk by establishing a direct personal relationship with the lenders and borrowers, whom we are willing to support because we believe in the worthiness of their project and their ability to succeed.

With Vidar Foundation you can safely use your savings to help the world heal.



Many socially responsible enterprises may not qualify for a standard bank loan because of their lack of collateral or the collective nature of their endeavour. 


Where are we going?

The Twilight and Resurrection of Humanit

We seek to expand our base of investors and worthy initiatives.




We would like to create an alternative way for people to use their savings in a conscious and socially constructive way. Banks, RRSPs and mutual funds all invest our money in corporations that place profit ahead of environmental and social costs, and have no moral duty except financial gain. We want there to be a way that we as individuals can place our savings in projects that we believe are valuable and will make our world a better, more humane place for all. We don’t have to give our money to banks to profit from, if there is a reasonable alternative that is safe and fiscally responsible. We want to help create a new way of moving capital that connects borrowers and lenders without the bank profiting in the middle.

Our money can help the world heal.

What have we done?

Vidar Foundation’s aim is to build trust in cooperative efforts by establishing openness with transparency and respectful negotiation.




The relationship with the lenders as well as with the borrowers is of paramount importance because contact has to be cultivated with those who are willing to let their money work in a socially healthy way, and also to encourage the borrower’s pursuit of their worthwhile endeavour. Personal familiarity with what moves the borrowers to undertake their projects is the core of Vidar Foundations Mission so that everyone involved can wholeheartedly embrace the spirit and substance of the proposed project.

How do we do it?

We focus on working together as a community, investing in what is of human value, to make a balanced financial, social, and cultural profit.

We promote success and manage risk by establishing a direct personal relationship with the lenders and borrowers, whom we are willing to support because we believe in the worthiness of their project and their ability to succeed.

We have connected socially minded investors with social initiatives seeking loans.



Vidar Foundation is a registered charity which assists future oriented and socially responsible initiatives working in the fields of education, health, environment, sustainable agriculture and cultural life.
Basing itself on the indications of Rudolf Steiner, social philosopher and scientist of the early twentieth century, Vidar Foundation fosters initiatives that work for the benefit of the whole community.

Vidar Foundation provides a channel for individuals who wish to assume full responsibility for the way in which their money works by assisting projects that are creating social benefit.

Vidar Foundation facilitates communication between investors and/or donors and project initiators, fostering collaboration and partnership.

Vidar Foundation invites inquiries regarding opportunities for investing funds and supporting a qualified project through donations, loans or planned giving such as a legacy.

Vidar Foundation offers assistance in formulating a business plan, applying for loans, and setting up pledge or loan guarantee communities.

Vidar Foundation’s aim is to build trust in cooperative efforts by establishing openness with transparency and respectful negotiation.




The question of who exactly Vidar was to the pre-Christian Norse and other Germanic peoples is essentially unanswerable.

In Norse myth, Vidar is the son of Odin and the giantess Grid. He is the god of silence and revenge, the second strongest of the gods. At the destruction of the world, Odin will be killed by the wolf Fenrir, or Fenris, and Vidar will avenge his father by killing the wolf with his bare hands. He will press one foot on Fenrir's bottom jaw, and will take hold of his other jaw and tear the wolf apart. He is one of the gods that will rule the new world when it is created

The gods rely on him in times of immense difficulties.

Vidar’s  "thick shoe" is described as consisting of all the extra leather pieces that people have cut from their own shoes at the toe and heel, collected by the god throughout all time. Therefore, anyone who is concerned enough to give assistance to the gods should throw these pieces away.

The Vidar Foundation seeks to find a new way of working with money, by enabling individuals who wish to assist new ventures to connect with those entrepreneurs and initiatives that will develop socially responsible projects.  Through Vidar Foundation these lenders put their “extra leather pieces” at the disposal of those whose needs could be seen as “immense difficulties” in order that they can carry out their work. The Fenris wolf might be viewed as the materialistic drive for profit that permeates much of economic life today and whose power to rule much of the world’s activities needs to be countered by an impulse that will lead to the “new world.”

                THE NAME VIDAR

Who was Vidar and why is he an inspiration for Vidar Foundation?

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Ingrid Belenson, Co-Chair

(905) 709-4664

Trevor Janz, Co-Chair

(250) 352-1208

Nicolas Heintz, Treasurer

(705) 279-2357

Reinhard Rosch, Director

(613) 838-2639

The Vidar Foundation is led by a volunteer board of directors drawn from across Canada. Over the years their expertise and guidance have helped us to continue our work to increase funding diverse projects across Canada.

Our directors serve as volunteers because they believe in our mission and our purpose. We’re deeply indebted to their support and to the invaluable gifts of their time and knowledge.

 Dr Trevor Janz lives in Nelson, BC, where he has worked as an emergency and palliative care physician for almost 30 years. He is an avid student of Rudolf Steiner, and all five of his children have attended the Nelson Waldorf School, with the youngest currently in grade 6. He built his own home, and has enjoyed woodworking, sailing, skiing, hiking, and riding his old BMW motorcycle in the mountains of the Kootenay region . He is an avid gardener and beekeeper, and loves climbing trees to collect wild swarms in the spring.

  He is passionate about Vidar's mission, that our money should be working in the world aligned with our values, supporting Waldorf Schools and teacher training, biodynamic farms, cooperatives, and other social endeavors. Our money can help the world heal.

Board of Directors

Trevor Janz


Ingrid Belenson


In 1974 our family came to Canada and I started to work in Administration, Accounting,  Bookkeeping mainly for  Waldorf Schools in Toronto and Ottawa; and Hesperus Fellowship Community. I served on various boards which gave me a window into the anthroposophical work and world in Canada: Toronto Waldorf School, The Christian Community, Ita Wegman Foundation,  Maison Emmanuel, Hesperus Fellowship Community; and I was a member and treasurer on the Council of the Anthroposophical Society in Canada for ten years. 

Recognizing that anthroposophical initiatives were in need of financial assistance I started with the help and guidance of Rolf Kerler, treasurer at the Goetheanum at that time, and Chris Heintz the Vidar Foundation, a financial vehicle for Canada for a new and healing working with money.  

Nicolas Heintz


My introduction to Anthroposophy began in France well before I was born when my grandfather familiarized my father with the reality of the spiritual world. While I was still quite young, my parents moved our family to Canada so that my four siblings and I could attend the Toronto Waldorf School. 

While there is some freedom in flying, it is the life force in plants, so prevalent in spring, that demonstrates a true conquest over gravity and the fall of the leaves in autumn. My extensive involvement in production and manufacturing has taught me to respect the limits of aviation and life. A pilot operates within the limits of his aircraft, and must respect the balance between cost, weight and performance. In the same way, humanity is bounded by limits of many sorts, grounded by the earth while aspiring to a spiritual life.

This is an exciting time to be alive. I look forward to developing and facilitating conversations and programs that address the intersection of money and spirit in personal and social transformation.

Reinhard Rosch, 


Reinhard retired in 1999 from his work as analog circuit designer,  and is now doing the things that are important to him: Besides having served as treasurer for the local Waldorf School, for the Christian Community Central Fund and Canadian branch and for the Nepean Symphony Music School, he is now actively involved in biodynamic farming, the Bytown Ski Club and the Vidar Foundation.

Reinhard has been involved in Vidar Foundation as Treasurer beginning shortly after the time of incorporation.  Recent activities include setting up a first mortgage for the South Shore Waldorf School in Nova Scotia.

Some of Reinhard’s other interests include canoeing and kayaking, wood working, architecture, Anthroposophy, music and traveling. 

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