• Vidar Foundation invites inquiries regarding opportunities for investing funds and supporting a qualified project through donations, loans or planned giving such as a legacy.

  • Vidar offers assistance in formulating a business plan, applying for loans or grants, and setting up  pledge or loan guarantee communities.

  • Vidar Foundation's aim is to build trust in cooperative efforts by establishing openness with transparency and respectful negotiation.

  • You may request information about:

  • Opportunities for lending to initiatives (investing)

  • Applying for a loan

  • Forming a Pledge/Loan Guarantee Community

  • Other (please specify)

  • Vidar Foundation provides a donation receipt for income tax purposes.

  • To give away money ... is an easy matter and in any man's power, but to decide to whom to give it and how much and when, and for what purpose and how, is neither in every man's  power nor an easy matter.

Investment that is highly social and supportive of initiative takers; and initiative takers that are responsible to the needs of the community can help us move into a healthy and sustainable social future.

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Ingrid Belenson, Co-Chair

(905) 709-4664

Trevor Janz, Co-Chair

(250) 352-1208

Nicolas Heintz, Treasurer

(705) 279-2357

Reinhard Rosch, Director

The Vidar Foundation is led by a volunteer board of directors drawin from across Canada. Over the years their expertise and guidance has helped us to continue our work to increase funding diverse projects across Canada.

Our directors serve as volunteers because they believe in our mission and our purpose. We’re deeply indebted to their support and the invaluable gifts of their time and knowledge.

 Dr Trevor Janz lives in Nelson, BC, where he has worked as an emergency and palliative care physician for almost 30 years. He is an avid student of Rudolf Steiner, and all five of his children have attended the Nelson Waldorf School, with the youngest currently in grade 6. He built his own home, and has enjoyed woodworking, sailing, skiing, hiking, and riding his old BMW motorcycle in the mountains of the Kootenay region . He is an avid gardener and beekeeper, and loves climbing trees to collect wild swarms in the spring.

  He is passionate about Vidar's mission, that our money should be working in the world aligned with our values, supporting Waldorf Schools and teacher training, biodynamic farms, cooperatives, and other social endeavors. Our money can help the world heal.

Board of Directors

Trevor Janz


Ingrid Belenso


Nicolas Heintz


Reinhard Rosch, Director

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