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We would like to create an alternative way for us to use our savings in a conscious and socially constructive way. Most banks, RRSPs and mutual funds invest our money in corporations that place profit ahead of environmental and social costs, and have no moral duty except financial gain. In this case, our money would be working in a system that creates economic injustice and environmental harm.

We want there to be a way that we as individuals can place our savings in projects that we believe are valuable and will make our world a better, more human place for all. We don’t have to give our money to banks to profit from, if there is a reasonable alternative that is safe and fiscally responsible. We want to help create a new way of moving capital that connects borrowers and lenders without the bank profiting in the middle.

With Vidar You Can Safely Use your Savings To Help The World Heal

  • Vidar Foundation invites inquiries regarding opportunities for investing funds and supporting a qualified project through donations, loans or planned giving such as a legacy.

  • Vidar offers assistance in formulating a business plan, applying for loans or grants, and setting up  pledge or loan guarantee communities.

  • Vidar Foundation's aim is to build trust in cooperative efforts by establishing openness with transparency and respectful negotiation.

  • You may request information about:

  • Opportunities for lending to initiatives (investing)

  • Applying for a loan

  • Forming a Pledge/Loan Guarantee Community

  • Other (please specify)

  • Vidar Foundation provides a donation receipt for income tax purposes.

  • To give away money ... is an easy matter and in any man's power, but to decide to whom to give it and how much and when, and for what purpose and how, is neither in every man's  power nor an easy matter.


Investment that is highly social and supportive of initiative takers; and initiative takers that are responsible to the needs of the community can help us move into a healthy and sustainable social future.

HISTORY: click on the image to read article (pdf)

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