Our pilot project was the Ottawa Waldorf School.


The Ottawa Waldorf School needed help with the expansion of a two classroom Kindergarten-Nursery wing. Vidar Foundation suggested to the school community that a pledge and loan guarantee group be formed. The idea was enthusiastically embraced.

Vidar Foundation obtained the loan money from individuals and several enterprises from the wider community. The school was able to pay back with interest over three years the loans obtained against the pledges and guarantees.

The enrolment of the school increased significantly within the year.


In 2006 the toy store, La Grande Ourse in Montreal, had to find a new home. The store provides a wide range of wooden and soft toys, workshops for parents and puppet shows for children, as well as children's books and anthroposophical literature. A two storey building was purchased with the help and support of the local community. The ground floor houses the store while the upper floor is rented out for various cultural activities. When bridge money was needed, Vidar Foundation was able to extend a loan secured via several loan guarantees.


ROSE (Redeeming Our Soil Economically) is a land care association in London, Ontario, that took a 180 acre conventional farm out of land speculation in 1991Sunnivue Farm was converted to a biodynamic-organic agricultural and dairy farm. Their farm store offers a variety of products and presently the farm also has a herd of water buffalo. When living quarters needed to be enlarged, a dedicated group of people who actively support ROSE and Sunnivue and a loan from Vidar Foundation helped to transform a rough attic storage space into a comfortable living space for an additional farmer. The loan was secured through loan guarantees.


In July of 2010, Vidar Foundation extended a loan to the Christian Community of Vancouver, British Columbia,  for the purpose of renovating an apartment in the souterrain of the manse, which the community rents out for extra income to cover capital expenses. The work to be done was substantial, as it involved structural elements of the building, and in order to keep costs down, a lot of the work was done by volunteers.


South Shore Waldorf School and Kindergarten


The South Shore Waldorf School (SSWS) in Nova Scotia had its humble beginnings in 1995 on a little farm with a single class teacher for grades 1-6 and a Kindergarten teacher.

In 2001 they moved to Blockhouse, N.S. into a rented century old school building on a beautiful property with a large green space and wooded area. The school began to grow and by 2013 they had expanded to grade 7 and three Kindergarten classes. More space needed be be created to accommodate the growth and this physical expansion was made possible through establishing a borrowing and donating community and much volunteer labour. At that time they received an offer to purchase the school property. Vidar Foundation was in the fortunate position to offer them the first mortgage to help them to establish their permanent home. Their web address is: www.waldorfns.org


Halton Waldorf School in Burlington, Ontario started a Kindergarten with 16 children in 1984. Every year a grade was added until the Grade school (1-8) was complete. In 2000 they opened their present beautiful building on a large forested property in Burlington. Vidar Foundation provided mortgage financing so the school could acquire land and build a green, sustainable designed building on a nearby property to house an adjunct campus and be the future home for a high school.